Romness Townshi

Romness Township

Ringsaker Lutheran Church

Methodist Church

Some Romness Firsts

Andrew (Punland) Anderson

Mrs. Henry Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Anderson

Nils C. Anderson

Mervin Askelson

The Ingal Arneson Family

Allan Arneson

Kenneth Arneson

Gustav N. Arneson

Fred J. Baker

Knut Brendingen

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Bue

Ben and Jorgen Bue

John Christopherson

The Barton Cussons Place

Mr. and Mrs. Anton O. Dahl

Clifford M. Eggermont

Gunder Enerson

Carl Otto Elsaas

The Hugo Fiebiger Family

Carl A. Flissarm

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Fritz

John Gunderson

Alfred P. Gunderson

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gunderson and Family

Torval Gunderson

Olaf Gunderson

Mabel Gunderson & Ole Herigstad

Ole Gustafson

Hans Heidal and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earl Helling

Andrew Herberg

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hilstad

Mr. and Mrs. August (Fritz) Hogenson and Family

John Hogenson

Mrs. Martha Asprusten Hogenson

Peter Lewis Hogenson

Joe Hovel

Arne Hurum

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Idsvoog

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Idsvoog

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Idsvoog

Esten Moen Johnson and Sons

Mr. and Mrs. Iver Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Johnson

Christian and Siri Kastet

Mr. and Mr.s Andrew C. Knutson

Mr. and Mrs. John Knutson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knutson

Raymond McCardle

Curtis McCardle

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Midstokke and Family

Myron Midstokke

Conrad Moe

Henry Mostad

Nels P. Nelson

Dr. Edward Nesheim

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nisstad

Ole Olson Bjornstad Family

Henry Olson Family

Mr. and Mrs. Bernt Olson

Garfield Olson

Gilbert Olson Family

Martin Olson and Family

Martin Christopherson

Theodore B. Olson and Family

Enner O. Olson and Family

Ole Overby

Klara Overby & E. S. Duea Casper Overby

Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Prambus

The Nels J. Qualey Story

Olaf Reinhart

Wm. L. Rinde

Olaus and Lena Ronningen

Wm. Samuelson Family

The Skramstads

Hans Skramstad

Martin Skramstad

The Anton Skramstad Family

Arthur Skramstad

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Sletten

Mr. and Mrs. John Sletten

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sletten

George N. Sorum

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stenbro

Clifford J. Stromsodt

Thomas Swingen

High (Pat) Hoglund

Arthur Thompson

Trygve Thompson

Iver Udgaard Family

Mrs. Iver Udgaard

Edwin Udgaard

Ole Uleteig

Arden and Karen Veralrud

Eric (Johnson) Vestern and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vigesaa

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