Cooperstown's First Year

Cooperstown Townsite Company

Main Street 1896

The Devastating Thirties

Albert Larson Company

Almklov's Pharmacy

Crane-Johnson Lumber Company

Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Griggs County Sentinel-Courier

Griggs County Telephone Company

History of Melroe - Cooperstown Plant

Model Clothing Company

Sarsten Motor Company

Bethlehem Evangelical Free Church

Grace Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Presbyterian Church History

St. George's Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Eighty Years of Masonry in Northern Light Lodge

Griggs County Library

Griggs County Hospital & Nursing Home

Griggs County Hospital-Nursing Home Auxiliary


John Arneson Family

Barney E. Bakken Family

The Berg Family

Bergstrom Family

Silas W. Black Family

Dr. Carl L. Brimi

The Coopers of Cooperstown

P. H. Costello Family

Mrs. Eliza Jane Crawford

James Marsar Cussons Family

Torval Fosholdt

John Fredrickson

Paul Hagen

Gunder C. Frigaard Family

Halvor Halvorson Family

H. P. Hammer

Andrew Hoel

Norman Hoel

The Dick Howden Family

Thomas Irgens Family

Charles Henry Johnson

Dick Johnson

Isaac and Ingrid Johnson

Theodore Kittelson

John Kramvik Family

The Hans J. Kolstads

Edward Larson

Thorvald Lende Family

Rueben B. Louden

Nils M. Lunde

John Henry McDermott

C. C. McDonald

Albert I. Monson

The Nelson Family

Swen S. Olgaard

Selmer J. Quam Family

The Reiten Family

Martin Rood

Dr. Fred Rose


Leon A. Sayer, Jr.

L. A. Sayer

W. A. Skjolden

Edith Olson Skofstad

Julius and Julia B. Stevens

Ludvig Stokkeland

Carl and Clara Solberg

Mrs. Sophie Stokkeland

John Syverson

Peter J. Tang

Abraham Thime

Genial Knud Thompson

Benjamin Tufte

Rena Udgaard

Dr. K. M. Wakefield

Dr. M. D. Westley, M.D.

Farmers Oil Company

Cooperstown's Farmers Elevator Company

North Dakota Farm Bureau

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